Indigenous-led secretariat will help improve access to justice

To better address the overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples in the justice system and Indigenous children and youth in care, the Province has launched a new cross-ministry Indigenous Justice Secretariat, a commitment outlined in the BC First Nations Justice Strategy.  The secretariat will work with all partners to lead the transformative change needed to create the […]

Guiding Governmental Transformation

The Challenge A justice system that reflects Indigenous values such as the presumption of diversion and self-determination must also be led by Indigenous people in culturally relevant and appropriate ways. However, there is currently an underrepresentation of Indigenous people as actors with leadership and decision-making roles and responsibilities within the justice system. Indigenous justice actors […]

Aligning Legislation in the Justice Sector with the UN Declaration

The Challenge Meaningful and necessary legislative changes are needed to affirm and support Indigenous self-determination and the rebuilding of Indigenous justice systems and institutions. To effect these changes, BC needs to fulfill its obligations under Section 3 of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (Declaration Act) – bring provincial laws into alignment with the […]

Expanding a Network of Indigenous Justice Centres

The Challenge For many Indigenous people, navigating the colonial justice system is a challenging, isolating, and frustrating experience that can negatively impact all areas of an individual’s life, from mental health to housing and employment. In addition to high rates of incarceration and justice system involvement, Indigenous people experience many challenges in accessing legal supports […]

Strengthening Indigenous Capacity and Legal Services

The Challenge Many Indigenous communities do not have the justice capacity to address critical justice issues, including the growing overrepresentation of Indigenous youth in the care of government, as well as Indigenous women and men in state custody. Many Indigenous people also lack  access to culturally appropriate responsive legal services. The Solution BC First Nations […]

Advancing First Nations Self-Determination

The Challenge Throughout the history of Canada, First Nations justice systems and legal orders have failed to be respected and recognized. Since Canada effectively applied the criminal laws of England at Canadian Confederation in 1867 and enacted the first Canadian federal Criminal Code in 1892, there has been no recognition of Indigenous legal orders in […]