Strategy 9
Track 2

Guiding Governmental Transformation

Illustration from Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun

Under the leadership of the Ministry of the Attorney General, a cross-ministry Indigenous Justice Secretariat will support BCFNJC in guiding a whole-of-government approach to the Strategy.

The Challenge

A justice system that reflects Indigenous values such as the presumption of diversion and self-determination must also be led by Indigenous people in culturally relevant and appropriate ways. However, there is currently an underrepresentation of Indigenous people as actors with leadership and decision-making roles and responsibilities within the justice system. Indigenous justice actors are needed to inject the necessary elements of Indigenous world views and values into the system so that BC’s commitment to reconciliation and changing the status quo can be fully realized. To achieve this, structures must be put in place within provincial government to ensure the Strategy’s implementation is sustainable, properly funded, and led by Indigenous people.

The Solution

Through Strategy 9, BCFNJC and BC will establish a new integrated and coordinated cross-ministry structure that can help BCFNJC lead the implementation of the Strategy throughout government, including in social sector areas that provide health and housing supports for individuals in the justice system. Addressing the disparity of Indigenous representation within government, the IJS will ensure government is held accountable to progress on the Strategy, and that Indigenous people are guiding the implementation of the Strategy every step of the way.

The IJS will help build stronger relationships between BCFNJC and BC so that effective progress can be made on the Strategy and on identified justice priorities within government. The establishment of a IJS with an Indigenous Assistant Deputy Minister also aligns with previous commitments made by BC and addresses a key recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Line of Action

Establish a Cross-Ministry Indigenous Justice Secretariat
Status completed
More info 00The Province has launched a new cross-ministry Indigenous Justice Secretariat to address the overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples in the justice system and Indigenous children and youth in care, in alignment with the BC First Nations Justice Strategy. Led by assistant deputy minister Colleen Spier, the secretariat will collaborate with partners to drive transformative change and ensure Indigenous voices and perspectives play a central role in strengthening the justice system, fulfilling commitments under the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (Declaration Act)


Mar 2023
The creation of the Indigenous Justice Secretariat was announced at BCFNJC’s 2nd Annual First nations Justice Forum
Apr 2023
Press Release
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