Strategy 16
Track 1 and Track 2

Tracking the Progress and Impact of the Strategy

Illustration from Mack Paul

Ensuring that reporting, evaluation, and knowledge sharing requirements under the Strategy can be fulfilled.

The Challenge

The Strategy contains many distinct yet interdependent strategies that impact all areas of the justice system, from community-based programming to the court system. With such a large scope of work, involving many justice partners, transparency and accountability are core values that need to be upheld. First Nations and Indigenous groups need to be kept informed of the Strategy’s progress, including areas where work has stalled or progressed significantly. 

The Solution

BCFNJC will work to ensure there is effective and transparent monitoring and evaluation of the Strategy’s progress.  BCFNJC will not only create opportunities for knowledge and information sharing related to the Strategy, but will establish formal mechanisms, such as this website, that will ensure First Nations, the public, and government and justice partners can always access and assess the Strategy’s progress, across all 25 strategies and 43 lines of action. This also includes progress on new streams of work that were not contemplated at the time of the original Strategy’s development but have since become important for Indigenous people in BC.  

Strategy 16 includes the creation of this website and the establishment of an annual Justice Summit, also known as the BC First Nations Justice Forum – both ensure Indigenous people can assess progress on the Strategy and track their community’s priorities in relation to the Strategy.

Lines of Action

Establish an annual Justice Summit, also known as the BC First Nations Justice Forum on First Nations Issues. In addition to the current Justice Summit under the Justice Reform and Transparency Act, establish an annual Justice Summit co-planned by the BCFNJC and BC that is dedicated to First Nations issues, inclusive of a broad cross-section of First Nations leadership, and has a focus on evaluating and assessing progress on the Strategy.
Status completed
More info 002024 will be the 3rd Annual BC First Nations Justice Forum 460 Attendees have registered. Over 54% of attendees are delegate First Nations leadership.
Establish a joint process and standards for data collection and reporting on measurable outcomes, including the evaluation of the effectiveness of this Strategy.
Status not-started
More info 00This tracker is the accessible, public storytelling companion to the internal joint BC/BCFNJC data tracking tool