Strategy 17
Track 1 and Track 2

Building a Strong Partnership with Canada

Illustration from Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun

Strengthening the tripartite partnership between BCFNJC, BC, Canada to effectively advance Track 1 and Track 2 of the Strategy.

The Challenge

The Strategy advances many strategies and lines of action that assume and require some levels of participation by Canada. Leadership from Canada and direct federal government action is also needed to advance many vital elements that have not been addressed in this Strategy, including reform of the Criminal Code.

The Solution

BCFNJC will work with BC and Canada to develop a Tripartite protocol and process around the implementation of the Strategy. This protocol will help clearly define the roles and responsibilities of BC and Canada in implementing the Strategy and will identify actions under Track 1 and Track 2 wherein leadership of Canada is needed beyond what is written in this Strategy.

Line of Action

BCFNJC and BC to approach Canada to form a Tripartite process and protocol around the implementation of this Strategy.
Status in-progress


Aug 2021
Tripartite MOU was first signed
Jul 2022
The first in person tripartite meeting was held 06 July 2022 in Victoria
May 2023
Public Safety Canada joined the tripartite MOU
Jan 2024
The first tripartite meeting with Council and all four Ministers was held in the Vancouver IJC
Jan 2024
Second annual Tripartite Ministers Meeting (held at Vancouver IJC)