BCFNJC Leads Transformation of Gladue Report Services Toward Staff-Centric Model

In the pursuit of maintaining high standards of quality and consistency, our organization is undergoing a significant transition from a roster-based model of Gladue Report writers to a staff-centric approach. This shift, which began with the introduction of Support Worker roles to bolster cultural competence and trauma-informed care, has empowered our team to collaborate closely […]

Sustainable, Long-Term Core Funding Needed

The BC Cabinet approved Strategy 3 in 2020, however, BCFNJC has not yet received an invitation from the Treasury Board for core funding. BCFNJC receives funding from three primary sources: the provincial government, the federal government, and the Law Foundation of BC. Some of the funding is prescribed, while federal funding sometimes passes through the […]

Advancements in Prosecution Policies for Indigenous People

The Challenge The Crown Counsel Policy Manual (the Policy Manual), issued by the BC Prosecution Service (BCPS), provides guidance to prosecutors in the exercise of their discretion, including on fundamental prosecution considerations such as charge assessment, alternative measures, bail, and resolution discussions. In April of 2019, the BCPS publicly announced its Indigenous Justice Framework along […]

Increasing the Number of First Nations Judges

The Challenge In British Columbia, 95% of criminal cases are heard in the Provincial Court of BC, with only the most serious crimes being heard in the Supreme Court of BC. However, First Nations people are underrepresented as Provincial Court Judges, even though a large proportion of both victims and accused are First Nations. In […]

Strengthened Relations Between First Nations and Police Forces

The Challenge Policing is most often the first aspect of a person’s interaction with the justice system. For many First Nations and other Indigenous peoples, this interaction is filled with fear and trauma that is tied to the historical and current contexts of policing. Historically, police forces acted as enforcers of many colonial policies of […]

Strengthening Traditional Knowledge and First Nations Laws in the Justice System

The Challenge:  A critical aspect of both Track 1, reform of the existing justice system, and Track 2, the rebuilding of First Nations justice institutions and legal orders, is supporting and expanding the roles to be played by Elders and Knowledge Keepers. These roles include everything from ensuring and reinforcing the cultural appropriateness of how […]

Cultural Competency Standards, Training, and Education

The Challenge: Culturally appropriate training for justice professionals that work with Indigenous people has been limited and/or non-existent in the past, contributing to friction and crisis in the system. In addition, due to the historical and ongoing role police have played in colonization, including conducting harmful patterns of biased policing and surveillance, Indigenous people experience […]

Strengthening Relations between First Nations and Crown Counsel

The Challenge As Crown Counsel play an important role in the criminal justice system, acting as prosecutors and providing advice to government, it is important that there are structured relations – guided by mutual respect and understanding – between Crown Counsel offices and local First Nations. These structured relations can help achieve many purposes, including: […]

Increasing Indigenous Representation in the BC Prosecution Service

The Challenge: The BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) and Crown Counsel play a critical role in the criminal justice system. BCPS is the provincial prosecution service in BC responsible for promoting public safety, justice, and respect for the rule of law. It does this by conducting or supervising prosecutions and appeals in all levels of courts […]

Building a Strong Partnership with Canada

The Challenge The Strategy advances many strategies and lines of action that assume and require some levels of participation by Canada. Leadership from Canada and direct federal government action is also needed to advance many vital elements that have not been addressed in this Strategy, including reform of the Criminal Code. The Solution BCFNJC will […]