Strategy 7
Track 1

Stronger Oversight and Accountability

Illustration from Sarah Jim

Advancing legislative and policy development to ensure there is a strong independent oversight and accountability function regarding the justice system and Indigenous people.

The Challenge

Oversight and accountability in the justice system means that there are reliable, transparent systems of oversight and accountability in place to ensure those who wield significant powers and responsibilities, such as police forces, do not abuse their powers over citizens. It means the public can monitor and scrutinize justice actors to ensure they are following the rule of law and are treating communities and individuals with respect and dignity. With greater oversight and accountability can come greater confidence and trust in the criminal justice system. 

There have long been calls for an independent oversight and accountability function to address challenges and concerns regarding Indigenous people and the justice system. While such calls are most typically related to policing and corrections, they also have arisen in relation to issues of access to justice, prosecutorial practices, and court decisions. Numerous studies, inquiries, and reports have also highlighted and emphasized the need for forms of independent oversight and accountability.

The Solution

BCFNJC will advance policy and legislative development to support the creation of stronger, more effective oversight tools and procedures, including reporting on Indigenous justice matters and progress related to the implementation of the UN Declaration in the justice system. Through Strategy 7, BCFNJC will work with BC to develop models and options for an oversight and accountability function in BC that can operate in distinct and proper ways with the different sectors of the existing justice system, and has clearly defined relationships, responsibilities, and roles in relation to First Nations governments and their justice institutions and processes.

Line of Action

BCFNJC and BC will establish an oversight and accountability model which will be used as a basis for legislative and policy proposal development.
Status not-started
More info 00Lack of funding has halted this strategy.