Strategy 19
Track 1

Strengthening Relations between First Nations and Crown Counsel

Illustration from Sarah Jim

Supporting structured relations between First Nations and BC Crown Counsel offices to facilitate trust, understanding, and the application of the presumption of diversion.

The Challenge

As Crown Counsel play an important role in the criminal justice system, acting as prosecutors and providing advice to government, it is important that there are structured relations – guided by mutual respect and understanding – between Crown Counsel offices and local First Nations. These structured relations can help achieve many purposes, including:

  • Learning about forms of cultural appropriateness,
  • Deepening knowledge about alternatives that can support the presumption of diversion and build relationships that can help facilitate the implementation of alternatives,
  • Building an understanding about the roles of Crown Counsel and how they perform their functions, and
  • Ensuring First Nations have knowledge about their members who may be facing charges, where the member wants to inform their Nation.

The Solution:

BCFNJC will facilitate communication and relationship building between First Nations and Crown Counsel offices, developing different models of protocols that will support strengthened, structured relations between First Nations and Crown Counsel offices.

Line of Action

Establish models of protocols to be established between First Nations and Crown Counsel offices
Status in-progress
More info 00Leadership of BCPS and BCFNJC meet regularly to discuss Crown Policies, our Gladue program, education and more.


May 2024
BCFNJC will present at the BC’s Annual Crown Conference for the first time – an event that sees upwards of 500 prosecutors gather for continuing legal education.