Strategy 24
Track 2

Increasing the Number of First Nations Justice Workers

Illustration from Eliot White-Hill, Kwulasultun

Establish a sustainable set of supports to help First Nations build teams of First Nations justice workers that can lead justice related work in their communities.

The Challenge

Track 2 work of the Strategy – restoration of First Nations justice systems and institutions – requires a systematic increase of justice workers within First Nations. These justice workers are integral to leading justice-related work, whether it be to implement community-based justice programs and new protocols as identified in this Strategy, or to help First Nations governments establish strategic plans and initiatives to move their internal work forward. However, there has not been sustained support that First Nations can access to build up the numbers and capacity of justice workers. Funding is often tied to specific projects, and not provided as part of a vision of systematic Strategy that views First Nations capacity building around justice as central to tackling pressing challenges.

The Solution

BCFNJC will implement a long-term plan to improve the justice work capacity within First Nations. This plan will include establishing a fund that First Nations can access to support the creation and training of justice worker teams in their communities.

Line of Action

Create a long-term, sustainable plan to support First Nations in developing teams of justice workers within their communities, including an investment fund that can be accessed by First Nations to retain and build capacity.
Status in-progress


Jun 2023
The first payment into the Community Justice Fund announced by the Ministry of Attorney General: $10 Million
Apr 2024
BCFNJC’s investment plan, along two streams, announced at the Justice Forum - information available online May 2024